why we made the film

Greg Hopkinson and Sally Lewis, two Ishaya monks from New Zealand, were inspired to make A Mindful Choice to show that anyone can choose for a greater experience of life.

Although all the people in the film use a meditation technique called Ascension as taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path, there are many ways to experience more happiness and contentment. The path or approach is different for each of us. 

A Mindful Choice also plants the seed of possibility that humanity could live in peace. A shift in consciousness is required; a shift that starts with each of us choosing for our own inner peace and happiness.   

Sally Lewis & Greg Hopkinson

The stories

In A Mindful Choice, you will meet people who have found peace after marriage breakups, cancer diagnoses, and experiences of serious violence and trauma.

You'll meet people who have left their self-doubts and inner demons behind so they could become better parents and partners. You'll meet people who channel their inner peace into creative projects that bring joy to others.

Peace is possible, all that is required is for each of us to move towards it. 

The meditation technique

There are many ways to experience peace. The people in A Mindful Choice all used a meditation technique known as Ishayas' Ascension, taught by an order of monks known as the Ishayas of the Bright Path. Find out more at The Bright Path website. 

The film-making team

Producers Greg Hopkinson and Sally Lewis teamed up with director Tony Simpson, Bafta-winning film editor Scott Flyger, experienced cinematographer Stephen Latty, and double Emmy-award winning cinematographer Scott Simper, to create this film project.

Sound Engineer Chris Sinclair and composer Ben Edwards weaved their magic to help A Mindful Choice come alive as a powerful and moving catalyst for change. 

We want to inspire and give hope that there is a different way of being...
— Sally Lewis, film-maker