28 November 2017

An article about Ishaya's Bhaga and Sanjaya in
the Netherlands

24 NOVEMBER 2017 - Netherlands Newspaper article

November 24th 2017

Click on the image for the Gisborne Herald to read an article about the amazing journey of Sattwa Devi, one of the Ishaya teachers - from burnt out midwife who couldn't get off the couch to meditation teacher in NZ prisons with a healthy midwife practice!

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16 October 2017

Listen to Sally's interview as part of Lila B's popular Dare to Be Happy podcast series here http://www.lilab.life/14-sally-lewis-shows-peace-possible/


15 September 2017

Watch this interview between to West Coast New Zealand men - Greg (Producer of A Mindful Choice) and Patrick McBride here

McBride Vision website.png

3 AUGUST 2017 

Radio interview by Patrick Kicken, radio/tv personality from the Netherlands, with Nirantara Ishaya about A Mindful Choice and Ascension Meditation (in Dutch)

20 June 2017

5 April 2017 -
National radio interview By kathryn ryan,

with Greg Hopkinson (producer), Ascension Meditation
teacher Savitri Ishaya and a representative of the
Dept of Corrections, New Zealand about the impact
Ascension meditation teaching is having in NZ prisons.

Listen here

9 March 2017 -

Te Awamutu Courier, New Zealand Article

Following on from the success of teaching Ascension meditation in prisons in Mexico, it is now being introduced to New Zealand prisons with positive results.  For the full article on page 3 

14 March 2017 -

Netherlands Happinez magazine

The film screened to an audience of 130 people in Amersfoort, in the Netherlands.

Read the full article...
(in Dutch)

Women today image Sri Rasa.jpg

09 February 2017 - Women Today Radio - Isle of Man

An interview with Jane & Linzi on how a regular meditation practice changed their lives. Jane's 25 year search for that 'missing piece' is over and Linzi found a way to move her attention away from the constant chatter in her mind, that previously caused stress and discomfort, to experience a life of peace and contentment. Check out the full interview here

22 January 2017 - Sunday Magazine

Introducing Savitri Ishaya, our amazing PR whiz-kid for A Mindful Choice. It's great to see her in the limelight for a change - she so deserves it! She has been practising ascension meditation since 2008 and teaching it since 2013, including in schools and prisons. 

22 November 2016

'CHOICE' film premieres in Lancashire - Headline News

Sevita, a Bright Path Meditation teacher in the UK, talks about her experience of Choice.


29 October 2016

Kim Hill Interview with Greg & Sally

Kim Hill talks to Ishaya monks Greg Hopkinson and Sally Lewis, about Choice, the documentary, which shows people finding peace through meditation, including maximum security prisoners in the Apodaca prison in Mexico.

Listen Here 


20 October 2016

Dangerous Inmates are Taught to Ascend

Read the Article

October 11, 2016

TV1 Breakfast show

with Hilary Barry

Modern monks trade life in the fast lane for a very different path View the interview


October 8, 2016

NZ Herald

by Michael Donaldson

Documentary explores meditation in Mexico prisons

When Greg Hopkinson walked into one of the most violent prisons in Mexico - a jail where 44 inmates died in a battle between rival drug cartels - the experience was mind-blowing. "It was just unbelievable ...More

 August 31, 2016

Media release
Documentary about peace accepted into LA film festival

A new documentary about people around the world finding peace through meditation is to feature at a Los Angeles film festival.

The film, Choice, has been selected for the 2016 Awareness Film Festival which takes place in LA from October 6-16. This annual film festival promotes films that shed light on some of the world’s most pressing issues, ranging from the ecological and political to the spiritual.

To be released around the world in October, the documentary
Choice follows the stories of a number of people who have found peace after learning Ascension meditation.

The full-feature documentary will screen at the 2016 Worldwide Meeting on Human Values in Mexico at the end of October and will also be shown at Mexico’s Apodaca prison where maximum security prisoners are turning their lives around after learning the meditation.

Producer Greg Hopkinson says the film is inspiring. “These people are finding real peace, often against incredible odds. It shows true freedom is in everyone’s reach. With the film we want to show more people that peace is possible.”

As well as featuring prisoners, the film also tells the stories of other groups and individuals around the world finding peace – from foster kids to stressed businesspeople to cancer patients and professional ballet dancers.

“We want to inspire and give hope that there is a different way of being,” says film-maker Sally Lewis.

The film producers Greg Hopkinson and Sally Lewis are Ishaya monks, teaching Ascension meditation in New Zealand. Their Mountford Media production team includes Bafta-winning editor Scott Flyger, double Emmy award-winning cinematographer Scott Simper and cinematographer Stephen Latty, together with New Zealand film industry veteran director Tony Simpson.

       Media release

Last bid for crowdfunding
19 May 2016 – A couple of Ishaya monks from New Zealand have been overwhelmed by the response to their public appeal to raise funds to finish a new documentary about meditation.
Monks Greg Hopkinson and Sally Lewis ventured into crowdfunding recently to get the money to finish their film Choice, which they plan to release in October this year.
The documentary film follows the stories of a number of people who have found peace through meditation and whose lives have transformed as a result.
The film producers put up an appeal for funds on the Indiegogo crowdfunding site in March. They have already raised more than $US73,000. 
With just a week to go they are hoping a last big push will help them get over the bar to reach the $US108,000 needed for final post-production, marketing and promotion, and to produce some shorter supporting documentaries.
“We’ve been astounded by the level of support already,” says Greg Hopkinson. “It shows there’s a large community of people who can see the potential of this film and want to show others that peace is possible.”
In making the documentary the film-makers visited the Apodaca prison in Mexico, where maximum security prisoners are turning their lives around after learning the ascension meditation, as taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path.
Sally Lewis says the visit was inspiring. “These people are finding real peace, often against incredible odds. It’s amazing how these simple techniques are making a profound difference in real people’s lives. We want to show more people that, with the right tools, inner peace is possible – even for those who have suffered a great deal.”
Even the prison guards are learning the meditation after being so impressed with the impact it had on the inmates. Apodaca prison has gone from being one of the most violent in Mexico to one of the most peaceful, says Sally.
The film also features the stories of other groups and individuals around the world – from foster kids to stressed businesspeople to cancer patients – all making the choice to move towards a better life through meditation.
Choice is a Mountford Media production with post-production by Due South Films.
The team includes Bafta-winning editor Scott Flyer, double Emmy award-winning cinematographer Scott Simper and Stephen Latty, together with 28-year film industry veteran director Tony Simpson.


       Thanks for your responses!

26 March 2o16 – The response to the ‘taster’ video has been awesome. Thank you!
It’s all a bit surreal – 9 months ago our friend Satta suggested she and Dharmaraj would organise a crowdfunding campaign for the project. Here we are ready to roll.
We’d like to give a big thank you to the amazingly capable and committed production team (there are nearly 20 people behind the scenes) who have been creating the website; the Facebook page and the crowd funding campaign content – all in English and Spanish.
We’ve even have some content in Mandarin!  
-Greg Hopkinson & Sally Lewis
March 26 2016