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The More series - Stream all the short films for free on You Tube

Inspiring short films of people from all walks of life sharing how they have achieved the most important thing: self-discovery by using a meditation technique called Ascension as taught by the Ishayas of the Bright Path.

From artists in the flow, to people living peacefully and joyfully with illness, everyone has found a way to find a sense of connection and purpose.

A mindful choice - DVD

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Boundless - the book (delivery worldwide)

A Wayward Entrepreneur's Search For Peace

Paperback NZ$16.95 (Approx. US$11.95, £9.95, €10.95)
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Greg Hopkinson, the co-producer of A Mindful Choice, believed money would deliver contentment & happiness. He set off on a quest that led him to the Soviet Union to do business - just as it collapsed.

Ironically, the greater his business success the more he battled his inner demons. As Greg stumbled out of Russia, he caught a glimpse of what he'd become - it wasn't pretty. Something had to change. He did the most unlikely thing... 

"The most gritty, real, raw and honest book you will ever read about inner peace. Boundless is one hell of a story about life's greatest adventure." Bernard Steeds, author of Water

free: Boundless videos

BOUNDLESS is all about providing practical tips that anyone can use to experience more inner peace, happiness and contentment. It's our intention to make it fun, engaging and inspiring. 

The Departure Lounge is the place to go to find FREE videos for your own journey. From The Departure Lounge you can access the content that is most relevant for you.


People have loved the music on 'A Mindful Choice'. Tom Cunliffe's album features three of the tracks. Purchase directly from his website for only NZ$10.
#5 They Dug It All Away
#7 Dirty Road
#11 A Park In Barcelona