SPECIAL events

Mexico premiere of Choice

Apodaca Prison, Nueva LeÓn, Mexico

The Mexico premiere of Choice was held at Apodaca Prison, Mexico, on 19 October 2016. Choice features many inspirational stories from Apodaca, where a quarter of inmates and staff have found peace through meditation. The film screened to a combined audience of 1000 people, including inmates, staff, and local media and dignitaries.


Worldwide Meeting on Human Values

Monterrey, Mexico, 21-23 October 2016

Choice producer Greg Hopkinson, an Ishaya monk, spoke at the Worldwide Meeting on Human Values in Monterrey, Mexico, on 23 October 2016. The meeting featured the first screening of Choice to a public audience. The Worldwide Meeting on Human Values is an annual event that aims to share ideas and experiences for human development and peace. It is attended by 40,000 people, with another 750,000 viewing online. Greg spoke about the importance of each person's individual choice for peace, and the impact that choice can have on others.

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World Premiere of Choice

Los Angeles Awareness Film Festival


LA Awareness Festival Laurel.png

The film, Choice, was selected for the 2016 Awareness Film Festival which took place in LA from October 6-16. This annual film festival promotes films that shed light on some of the world’s most pressing issues, ranging from the ecological and political to the spiritual.

It was also selected for the Chicago International Social Change Film Festival in 2016.